You Tosser!

October 10, 2011

I love the West Country, the vast tracts of road that look miniscule on the map but in reality take hours to travel, the indeterminate weather system that means it is possible to experience four seasons in one day, the endless possibility for Cream Tea, and the regular loss of mobile phone signal! Read the rest of this entry »


Yet another period of time when I have been remiss and not blogged. Rest assured there have been adventures to report, so this post covers July and August. The most noteworthy point of this summer has been the distinct lack of Cream Tea, except perhaps a fine contender for the worst cream tea ever.
A few days break between contracts provides the perfect opportunity for a short break, back to Kent, or is it Sussex, I’m not quite sure, I think we’re staying in Sussex but visit Kent. Or something like that.

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I’ve neglected this blog for a few weeks – whoops…. Although I haven’t neglected to go on a few adventures, so this entry serves as a bit of a catch up, it covers April and May.

We’re into a run of fantastic weather, an intensely hot Sunday sees us visit Clandon near Guildford. An impressive red brick house, an extensive collection of fine china and a beautiful garden – all to be expected at a good National Trust Property of course, so the surprise in the garden is a Maori meeting house a nod to earlier associations with New Zealand. One of the former owners was Governor General; there is a huge cloak of Kiwi feathers too.

It’s too hot for Cream Tea; we rush home to get the BBQ fired up! Read the rest of this entry »

This weekend’s mild weather has once again provided a real opportunity to flex my National Trust membership, to discover new places and rediscover those long forgotten.

A decision taken on Saturday morning to avoid motorways and tread a seemingly forgotten A25 leads us through the rolling Surrey Hills, beautiful countryside of a forgotten England, bathed in spring sunshine. We have the route mostly to ourselves since everyone else seems to be in a hurry to be London bound.

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It’s been a while since I last wrote; there’s been no guilty betrayal or desertion of Cream Teas per se. There have been days out and some fabulous food, more of which later. Although it is in reality no longer than usual, this winter feels like its been a really long one. So today, a day that started out cold but bright, an unexpectedly long and hot blast of sunshine brought about an impromptu opportunity for the year’s first cream tea.

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Neptune’s Roar

January 17, 2011

An unexpected trip to Lyme Regis presented an opportunity in true Jane Austen style to stroll along the famous Cobb and yell at Neptune himself. He in turn seemed determined to do his worst and did not respond well to being yelled at, I got a good drowning.

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Monstrous rage

November 9, 2010

In the absence of anything food related to write about today, I thought I’d share something of the context to the reason for the Cream Tea Diaries.

I’m spurred to write today in the spirit of outing the dreadful beast that is this unspoken demon, stress, there I’ve said it. Stress, stress, stress, in support of Glyn Lumley a fellow HR Professional who has shared in his blog what I think must be a horrible truth for an awful lot of HR Professionals, but for whatever reasons, they’re unprepared to speak it. 

Never one to balk at speaking the truth, I though I’d share a little story too.

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Farmers Market Sweep

October 30, 2010

Weekend plans turned on their head to my great disappointment, a much anticipated trip not happening for domestic stuff that is of no real interest.  I’ve already had a consolation cream tea earlier in the week. It was pleasant enough, but nothing special enough to write about here.

Determined to cheer myself up, my small(ish) girl and I arm ourselves with our National Trust Membership card and head off to Kingston Lacy near Wimborne in Dorset. (Dorset still needs to field a Cream Tea candidate)

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I’ve never much been one for large gatherings; I’m rather anti-social you see. I’d rather sit down to eat with one or two people I really want to be with than face the horrors of a room full of people, trying to talk to everyone and eat at the same time, the possibility of something going wrong is very high, saying the wrong thing, forgetting who some distant relation is, dropping food down my front…..

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As I write this blog today I am still blissed out on a cloud of food induced heaven. A little while ago I said that I would endeavour to write about food encounters other than cream tea, and of course since making that pledge I have written about…. Cream tea. I imagine as Autumn and Winter progress, there will be more variety of food experiences to write about; even I must admit that Cream Tea does feel like a Summer food.

Yesterday I was lucky to have dinner cooked for me by the MasterChef finalists at Meza, Soho London.

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